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Special Ocassion
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Wine Glasses
$22.99 Each

wedding invitation

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Wedding Invitation

wedding frame(Click for Details)
8" x 10" Glass Frame

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Redesigning for 2018
Mr. and Mrs. Pillow

champagne glasses(Cick for Details)
Champagne Glass Frame

wedding glass frame
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Mr.and Mrs. Glass Frame
4 " X 6"

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6" Bride by Annalee

groom(Click for Details)
6" Groom by Annalee

communion frame 4 spaces
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Communion, Baptism
Confirmation Frame
8" X 10" 4 openings

first communionframe(Click for Details)
Communion, Confirmation
Frame 4" X 6" opening

communionwhite cross
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Ceramic White Cross

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Cross Blue or Pink

communionframe ceramic
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Communion Frame
Picture Size 4" X 6"

blessing jar
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Blessing Jar

baby bump
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Baby Bump Sonogram

album(Click for Details)
Album Baby,
Communion etc.
2 up 4" X 6" photos $22.00
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